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Our Difference

Where little hearts blossom

Creating authentic, harmonious environments for Happy Hearts

Embracing holistic learning

Here at Happy Hearts we believe in a Holistic approach to learning for children and adults. Everyone is unique and their skills, interests and abilities are honoured.

We acknowledge and understand the importance of the Environment for all who engage in our program. Our environments create a safe, homely, flexible, natural and inviting atmosphere.

We create Authentic play spaces that allow our children to be who they truly want to be. We value and respect the individuality of each other, our children and families. We lead with kindness, creating a harmonious atmosphere where everyone belongs.

Here at Happy Hearts, we are one big FAMILY, our Educators are invested in YOUR Child’s Progress and wellbeing

The very first moment we are born, human beings form relationships with others. We understand the need for humans to connect with others and build positive healthy respectful relationships with each other, children and families.

Respecting and honouring each other as we strive towards a common vision of high-quality early learning is what we do. We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

We understand that we are only as strong as the support that surrounds us: we will endeavour to support all our Happy Hearts families, children and educators through their journey with us.

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Educational Program

We strive here at Happy Hearts to go above and beyond the standards of the National Quality Framework. We hold a large focus on Being, Belonging and Becoming.

Our Curriculum and environments are guided by play-based learning and activities that will encourage age appropriate development.

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Connectivity is proven to show human happiness. Your child will learn essential skills and begin to understand the importance of friendship and kindness by making connections whilst here at Happy Hearts, not only within our service but our wider community as well.

  • Yoga, Science, Language, Sports and Art
  • Learning how mother nature promotes a calm, stimulant environment that reduces stress (Bush Kindy)
  • Being an active Happy Hearts member in growing and caring for our vegetable gardens
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Health and wellbeing

Children’s well-being and their physical growth is paramount to us.

Our services will help support a child’s development by utilising experts such as in-house Chefs, Speech Pathologists, Dental Care and Hairdressing services.

Heart and soul kitchens

Children’s brains and bodies are rapidly growing. Our array of healthy meals and snacks that are designed, planned and prepared by our Chefs will keep their bodies recharged.

That’s why providing nutritious food is one of Happy Hearts highest precedence. Meals and snacks are made from an abundance of local produce with special requirements in mind.

Parent lounge

Families can take the time to relax and enjoy a barista made coffee and baked treat to ease into their day.

Throughout the year, families are invited and encouraged to attend community occasions and events that are happening within our service.

We want you too, to feel the love that we share at Happy Hearts!

Start your Happy Hearts journey today!

Whether you’re looking for something close to home, close to work or close to friends and family, we can help find you an early learning close by.